LinkedIn announces new notification features

Frequent LinkedIn users may be familiar with the new layout the site has gotten since Microsoft's acquisition. LinkedIn has gotten a complete makeover, getting all sorts of new features in the meantime. One of the best parts of the new LinkedIn is the new notifications tab, which keeps all of the important events in your profile together in one place.

LinkedIn's notifications have been given several new features to help smooth out the experience of users, and they're pretty helpful. You'll now be getting a daily rundown of top news in your notifications, along with a notification that lets you know how many people have found you through a LinkedIn search.

Most importantly, Microsoft has given users a plethora of options to customize their notifications to better suit what kind of information they want to see. You can mute certain posts to stop getting notifications on them, unfollow people you're connected with, and even just turn off certain types of notifications entirely.

The blog post announcing the news ended by mentioning that a new feature is on the horizon - the ability to just delete notifications that you don't want to see. No news yet on when that's going to be, but it's probably soon.

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