Line users can now chat with up to 200 people on Windows 10 Mobile

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Popular chat app, Line, has updated for Windows 10 Mobile to version 5.4.1 and now supports chats with as many as 200 individuals at once. This may seem a little extreme for most users, but it’s important to remember that Line is increasingly being used by businesses to communicate with customers and this added functionality is likely targeted towards that specific group of users.

Other changes added with this update include the new ability to preview webpages shared within a chat, improved support for gif animations, and a variety of bug fixes. The Windows 10 version of the app updated to this same version about a week ago and also has all of these changes in addition to the new ability to send and save original photos within chats.

Line is an app that allows for free messaging and phone calls between users. It’s one of the most popular apps in its homeland of Japan where it also offers additional services such as shopping, video games, and even job classifieds. Do you use Line on your Windows device? Let us know in the comments below.

Developer: ‪LINE Corporation‬
Price: Free

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