Limited edition Arctic Camouflage controller coming to Xbox 360

Limited edition Artic Camouflage controller coming to Xbox 360

It may have been replaced by the shiny new Xbox One, but the 360 is still very much a part of Microsoft ecosystem, receiving updates and new games. It's also the subject of a new limited edition controller, something the company seems to love putting out periodically to lure customers into spending just a bit more. 

The latest one is the Arctic Camouflage which, as the name implies, comes bathed in a light colored camo appearance of white and shades of grey. It still brandishes the Xbox 360 logo, and contains all of the standard controls that gamers are accustomed to. 

The description reads "With colors that mimic snow-covered environments, the Xbox 360 Special Edition Arctic Camouflage Wireless Controller is designed for covert operations. The D-pad transforms from a plus to a disc for greater precision in both directional and sweeping movements". 

There is no official release date for this new controller, but it is already listed on the Xbox  store as "coming soon" and priced at $54.99. Expect it to be a limited edition offering, so if you are interested you should likely act quickly. Pre-orders are not yet available.

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