Lifeliqe on HoloLens is in the classroom where "students prefer mixed reality"

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Lifeliqe, a visual learning platform that uses virtual, augmented, and mixed reality for educational tools, has begun using the Microsoft HoloLens headset in classrooms. And according to field testing, students actually prefer the use of mixed reality over any other (via The Journal.)

Two schools, Renton Prep Christian School in Washington and Castro Valley Unified College in California, were asked to test the Lifeliqe content. The science lesson focused on anatomy and viewing 3D models of blood vessels through the HoloLens headset.

Administrators in both locations noticed quickly that students were taking interest in mixed reality, noting that both old and young had more preference for it than with just virtual reality. It wasn't like reading a book and looking at pictures, but instead, students could zoom in, read labels, trace 3D figures, and explore the topic without immersing into a separated digital space.

“We’ve been using virtual reality as part of education at school for several months,” said Michelle Zimmerman, director of innovative teaching and learning sciences at Renton Prep, in a statement. It “seems that students have preference for mixed reality for learning, but the reason for it will be our next round of investigation.”

The CEO of Lifeliqe, Ondrej Homola, feels that mixed reality might be the key ingredient to bridging learning gaps in current education systems. "The excitement we witnessed during the pilot shows us the great potential mixed reality has in sparking lightbulb moments," he told The Journal.


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