LG reportedly making a comeback, Verizon Windows 10 smartphone spotted on AdDuplex

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LG reportedly making a comeback, Verizon bound Windows 10 smartphone spotted on AdDuplex

LG quit the Windows Phone game a long time ago, the company hasn’t launched a new Windows Phone device to succeed its Windows Phone 7-based Optimus 7 and Quantum, and it became apparent that the company had no plans to do so. Fast forward two title Windows Phone releases and LG is reportedly ready to make a comeback with Windows 10.

Now, a new LG device has been spotted by Windows Phone ad hosting company AdDuplex that is supposedly a Windows 10-powered smartphone heading to Verizon Wireless. According to the AdDuplex report, the ‘LG LGVW820’ device showed up on its network with a 4.7” display and a resolution of 480×854, suggesting it is probably a budget-friendly device rather than a high-end flagship. It seems Nokia and Microsoft’s low-end success is leaving struggling Android OEMs wanting a piece of the pie.

LG reportedly making a comeback, Verizon bound Windows 10 smartphone spotted on AdDuplex

Although we would suggest taking this news lightly as AdDuplex can pick up devices that are designed solely for internal testing. It was only last year that a 5-inch Windows Phone 8.1-powered LG smartphone showed up on the network, and such a device has yet to see the light of day. So we wouldn’t get our hopes up over this.

Still, despite Nokia (and now Microsoft’s) efforts to cover all of the different categories and price points with its Lumia range of devices, and doing a pretty good job at that, it would be nice to have some healthy competition from other OEM’s to keep things interesting and spur innovation. Or at the very least, LG could opt to follow in HTC’s footsteps and ‘recycle’ some of their Android devices for use as Windows phones. A Windows version of the LG G3 would be pretty sweet.

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