LG to announce a 5-inch Windows Phone 8.1 powered smartphone?

LG to announce a Windows Phone 8.1 powered smart phone?

Over the past year, Microsoft has partnered with several new hardware partners for Windows Phone. While some of them, including Micromax, Xolo, Prestigio, and Blu, have showcased or even launched their Windows Phone-powered handsets, there are many that are yet to embrace Microsoft’s mobile operating system.

A few months back, in February, Microsoft announced nine new Windows Phone partners which included LG as well. Today, Alan Mendelevich, the founder of cross-promotion network AdDuplex, tweeted that a new Windows Phone handset known as the D635 by LG has been spotted. There are not much details except that the device will run Windows Phone 8.1 and will feature a 5-inch screen with 720x1080 pixels. 

The last Windows Phone handset launched by LG was in 2010 -- the Optimus 7. We're waiting for more details on the D635 and as soon anything comes up, we will definitely update you with more information. 

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