Lexis integrates with Office 2016 to make lawyers more productive

Kellogg Brengel

Lexis for Microsoft Office

Today, LexisNexis Legal & Professional announced Lexis for Microsoft Office. The new tool integrates LexisNexis’s popular legal drafting and review capabilities directly into Office 2016.

Now legal professionals will be able to access the various features of LexisNexis’s legal database and services without leaving the Office 2016 app they are currently working in.

Lexis for Microsoft Office Practice Advisor
An example of Lexis for Microsoft Office running in Word 2016

From a pane within Office 2016 apps, Attorneys will be able to access:

  • Drafting resources
  • Forms
  • Practice notes
  • Articles
  • Secondary materials
  • Cases
  • M&A and credit trend analytics

Users will also be able to highlight any text in Office 2016 and then click “Practice Advice” to receive context, guidance, and insights.

In today’s press release, vice president of Product Platforms Jeff Pfeifer stated:

Lexis for Microsoft Office users now have the ability to tap the comprehensive expert resources from Lexis Practice Advisor with one click—getting background and unique perspective on the topics, transactions and viewpoints that are most critical to their specific practice area, jurisdiction or topic, ranging from business and commercial transactions to banking, finance and bankruptcy—without ever leaving Microsoft Word or Outlook.

The integration of LexisNexis’ legal database within Office 2016 looks to be a handy tool for working on long and meticulous legal documents. It also demonstrates how Office 2016 apps can serve as powerful platforms for productivity, as attorneys will now be able to reference best practices legal advice from simply highlighting and a single click all within the same document.