Lexis for Microsoft Office just got a bit more flexible for legal advisors

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Chalk another point for Microsoft Office 365! Today, the partnership between legal research solution provider Lexis and Microsoft has become just a bit more available for users spanning across PC, Mac, and mobile.

The Lexis tools for legal documentation aren’t anything new Microsoft Office add-in list. However, now the partnership targeted for advisors on-the-go can be used from desktop, laptop, and mobile devices seamlessly thanks to Office 365.

The Office 365 Lexis add-in includes all of its key features such as legal research in context, implementation of Shepard’s Citation Service to validate easier, quote checking, and a Table of Authorities creator.


Here’s what the store page has to say:

Just open a Word document online from practically any device. Then activate your Lexis for Microsoft Office add-in. Now you’re ready to use research, drafting and review tools, such as:

  • Search & Display: conduct research without leaving your document
  • Get Cited Docs: validate cited sources by accessing Shepard’s® Citations Service from within the context of your document
  • Set and Check Cite Format: efficiently match the format requirements you specify
  • Check Quotes: quickly validate against source documents
  • Prepare Table of Authorities: organize your authorities with fast, flexible options
  • Link to Cites: permanently link Lexis Advance® content to your documents

Of course, the Lexis Advance subscription is required to sign into the add-in for full features even within Office 365. But at least now you’re getting a bit more bang for your buck by being able to access all of these features across almost any device. You can download Lexis for Microsoft Office 365 on the Office store.

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