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Lenovo has a new feature that will make you wonder why it isn’t standard on all touch devices. The new feature is called WRITEit and according to Lenovo it allows users to “write their input directly into virtually any text field that accepts typed input, even if the field is in an app without native pen support.” This takes away the need to click a type box and pull up a touch screen keyboard. This streamlines text entry on touch devices and makes it much more natural. As you can see below, WRITEit allows you some leeway when it comes to writing inside boxes.

Lenovo WRITEit 3

The new technology works with a variety of inputs including Windows 8 digitizers, active pen, and the very handy AnyPen technology. WRITEit works in areas other than search boxes as well: “WRITEit also works well for emails, social media, online forms and more.” The ability to write directly in emails is especially handy because their text boxes give you more room to work with.

Lenovo WRITEit 10

Lenovo clarifies that, At the moment, the new technology runs on a specific set of devices: “WRITEit is available for the following pen-enabled devices: ThinkPad® YOGA™, ThinkPad Helix, ThinkPad 10 and YOGA Tablet 2 8-in with Windows featuring AnyPen™ technology.”

Here’s a video from Lenovo showing off the new technology.

WRITEit is one of those seemingly small features that we may look back on and wonder why it isn’t on every device that has a touch interface. For tablets to leap into more fully functioning everyday devices they need a simple way to enter text. While Windows devices have some options now, none of them flow as naturally as WRITEit.

Edit: This post has been edited to replace the original lead image with a photo of WRITEit. Additionally photos were added with some brief text explaining some of them.

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