Lenovo's website reportedly hacked by Lizard Squad, likely over Superfish debacle

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Lenovo's website reportedly hacked by lizard squad, likely over superfish debacle

Lenovo has had a rough week to say the least. As you have likely read everywhere on the internet, Lenovo was caught pre-loading software called Superfish on certain Lenovo products. This allowed the company to utilize an extra revenue stream, on top of the traditionally razor-thin margins of being a PC OEM.

Within a matter of days, Lenovo has gone from acknowledgment and apologies, to a plan of action. But this was not enough apparently. Unfortunately, Lenovo.com was reportedly hacked earlier today and Lizard Squad is taking credit for it.

Those who accessed Lenovo.com were greeted with a slideshow of webcam pictures of kids sitting at their computer, along with a link to a Twitter account reportedly belonging to Lizard Squad. The HTML code of the website also mentions that "this new and improved rebranded" site features Ryan King and Rory Andrew Godfrey -- who are two people that were apparently identified as members of Lizard Squad. Lenovo has yet to issue a statement about the hack and the Lenovo website has yet to be 100% functional.

Lenovo has been trying to shift away the spotlight from Superfish to what the company is planning on doing in the future to prevent such a colossal abuse of trust from consumers. You can read more about that here.

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