Lenovo’s 3rd party Cortana addon app REACHit comes to an end September 12th

Arif Bacchus

Reachit Lenovo

Back in May of 2015, Lenovo and Microsoft formed a partnership by creating the REACHit app. At the time, the new app let Lenovo tap into Cortana on Windows 10 to offer “a much larger inventory of information to search.” Unfortunately, now a little over a year later, it appears that the search assistant app will now be discontinued and shut down soon.

The news on the shutdown was originally delivered to REACHit users via an email which stated that the app will no longer work on September 12th. Additionally, in the email, there was no specific mention as to why Lenovo was shutting the app shut down, other than, “we now have new priorities on Smart Devices.”


When we introduced REACHit, we wanted to give people the convenience of accessing all of their files from one place – regardless of where the files were located. We hope you’ve enjoyed using the app, however, we now have new priorities on Smart Devices, and as a result, we will be withdrawing REACHit.

Therefore, on September 12th we’ll be shutting down REACHit. Rest assured that all of your files are safe and will remain unchanged, since we don’t store any of your content.

For more information, please review the FAQs on our web site getreachit.com.

Thank you for using REACHit – we appreciate your feedback and support! Stay tuned – we think you’ll like what will be coming from Lenovo Software Solutions in the future.

The Lenovo Software Solutions / REACHit Team

So, if you’re using REACHit, the shutdown means that you will soon be unable log-in to the application.  It is also worth noting that since REACHit does not store any of your actual files or emails, they will all remain unchanged.  If the shutdown concerns you, however, Lenovo is providing more details and in-depth directions on how to uninstall the app via this FAQ page.