Lenovo priming the Windows 10 devices pump with upcoming X1 Tablet and X1 Yoga

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Microsoft has created a ruckus in the Windows 10 devices space, introducing an updated Surface Pro 4 and the highly innovative Surface Book. Windows 10 OEMs have no choice but to innovate themselves, and it looks like Lenovo will be doing just that with some upcoming machines (via winfuture.de).
The X1 Tablet will be a 12.1″ 2-in-1 device aimed at the enterprise, with a design that vaguely resembles the Surface Pro 4. The X1 Tablet is rumored to ship in February, 2016.

The Lenovo X1 Tablet.
The Lenovo X1 Tablet.

The X1 Yoga is a “premium thin & light” 14″ device that could possibly be available in December.
The Lenovo X1 Yoga.
The Lenovo X1 Yoga.

Looking at Lenovo’s entire lineup shows a pretty strong commitment to Windows 10 in all of its glory.
Lenovo's upcoming roadmap.
Lenovo’s upcoming roadmap.

It’s great to see Windows 10 OEMs step up with innovative designs. That’s precisely what Microsoft intended when they started competing via the Surface line of machines, and it looks like their strategy is seeing some immediate success.

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