Lenovo to load Microsoft apps on select Android devices, reaches cross platform license agreements

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Microsoft and Lenovo agreed today in news coming out of Beijing to offer Microsoft productivity apps, including Office, OneDrive, and Skype, on select Lenovo devices running the Android operating system. The deal is expected to affect “millions” of Lenovo devices in the next several years.

In addition, Microsoft and Lenovo have come to a patent cross licensing agreement, covering Lenovo and Motorola devices. Lenovo acquired Motorola from Google in early 2014, and Microsoft has been active in pursuing licensing agreements for patents the Redmond company holds on parts of the Android OS.

While Microsoft in the past has pursued financial deals for its Android patent licenses, it appears to be more willing to make deals similar to this one, where Microsoft licenses their patents in exchange for shipping Android devices with Microsoft software pre-installed.  Microsoft has reached similar agreements with Samsung and Acer among a number of others.



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