Lenovo introduces Windows 8.1 PCs for business users: ThinkCentre M83 and E63z Core i3 All-in-One

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ThinkCentre E63z Core i3 All-in-One

Lenovo has introduced upgraded ThinkCentre PCs, targeting business users with upgraded desktops and all-in-one solutions. The company introduced two new ThinkCentre PCs, ThinkCentre M83 and E63z Core i3 All-in-One, which comes with upgraded specifications, allowing users to boost their productivity.

“Lenovo remains focused on expanding and improving upon its existing Think product lines to power businesses of all sizes,” said Lenovo's Ouyang Jun. “Our new ThinkCentre M83 ‘Tiny’, along with the update to our E63z, are the latest in our ongoing efforts to meet user demands for optimal performance, reliability and manageability.”

Starting with ThinkCentre M83, the desktop PC comes with Intel's 4th generation Core processor, and gives users the ability to connect up to three displays simultaneously. The new desktop computer also features improved management tools including PC Cloud Manager 3.0, a free system management tool, and Intelligent Cooling Engine (ICE) 3.0, which optimizes system cooling.

On the other hand, ThinkCentre E63z Core i3 All-in-One, which was announced back in August, features a Core i3 processor for improved performance. The all-in-one PC features the same slick design as its predecessor, and is only 37.5mm thick. There's a 19.5-inch display and support for an HDMI out port, card reader, and a Rapid Charge USB 3.0 port, and says it's up to 10 times faster than previous USB technologies. There's a front-facing camera as well with 720p video recording capabilities for conferencing, digital microphone, and 3W stereo speakers. 

As far as the pricing and availability is concerned, the ThinkCentre M83 will hit retail in October with its price starting from $599. On the other hand, ThinkCentre E63z AIO will be available from December, starting at approximately $699. The new devices look promising, and cost effective, for small scale businesses. 

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