Lenovo confirms that a YOGA Windows 8 tablet is on the way

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Lenovo confirms that a YOGA Windows 8 tablet is on the way OnMSFT.com October 9, 2014

When Lenovo teamed together with Ashton Kutcher and announced their YOGA Android tablet series, some of us here at WinBeta were disappointed about their operating system choice, but not to worry -- Lenovo has finally confirmed that they will be releasing a Windows 8 variation of the tablet. Up until now, we have seen leaked images of the supposed device, but now we can confirm it.

Lenovo posted the above image on their Facebook profile page, stating that there would be a “BIG Reveal” live streamed tomorrow from London. The image shows a model holding the black YOGA tablet running Microsoft’s latest operating system.

Speculations say that the version Lenovo is releasing tomorrow will be a 10-inch variation, with a 13-inch “Pro” version on the way. Specifications are not fully confirmed, but are assumed to be an Intel Bay Trail CPU paired with 2 GB of RAM and a 16GB SSD.

Stay tuned to WinBeta, as we deliver the latest news from Microsoft’s OEMs.

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