Lenovo announces new ThinkPad workstation laptops with next generation hardware

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Lenovo announces new ThinkPad workstation laptops with next generation hardware

In addition to the earlier announcement of Lenovo’s new ThinkServer systems, the PC manufacturer has also announced new ThinkPad mobile workstation PCs that will be making their way to consumers in the near future.

Lenovo’s upcoming ThinkPad W550 series of workstation PC’s are designed to provide an insane amount of performance and great battery life in an ultrabook form factor. While that combination may sound a little too good to be true, alright maybe a lot, Lenovo claims that the W550 series will be utilizing yet-to-be-released next generation hardware.

Top of the line W550’s will be powered by 5th generation Intel Core processors based on the “Broadwell” architecture paired with NVIDIA’s Quadro K620M graphics card with 2GB of graphics memory. The PC supports mechanical docking and can be hooked up to multiple monitors. Speaking of displays, the W550 features a 15.6” 3K IPS display with optional touch support. All that will be wrapped around the solid chassis that we’ve come to expect as standard from ThinkPad PC’s, and will of course include the excellent ThinkPad keyboard. Lenovo claims the W550 will be able to last 13 hours on a single charge thanks to Power Bridge technology and energy efficient GPU’s.

Additionally, a new addition to the W540 series will be released featuring a new Intel Core i7 Extreme Edition processor and NVIDIA’s Quadro K2100M graphics processor. This beast will also feature 3K resolution display but judging from the launch video above, does not seem to be an ultrabook.

As is the usual with new PC announcements, no pricing or available dates have been revealed. And considering that Intel has yet to announce its Broadwell line-up, we’re not surprised that Lenovo didn’t mention any specific CPU model numbers. As for the OS, although Lenovo made no mention of it, we expect Windows 8.1 Pro 64-bit to come preinstalled as it does with the existing W-series.

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