Learn to use Microsoft Continuum dock for Windows 10 Mobile with Carphone Warehouse

Vu Anh Nguyen

Carphone Warehouse has uploaded a video to Youtube detailing how to use the new Continuum dock from Microsoft, officially named Microsoft Continuum, unveiled yesterday at Microsoft’s biggest ever product launch event.
A smooth British voice guide us give us a thorough look at the phone and the dock before leading through the simple steps of using Continuum, which can be distilled into: plug phone, plug screen, enjoy. Apps behavior in Continuum were also shown, turning into their desktops version on the big screen, as was the phone’s multitasking ability, retaining its phone functions independent of the desktop apps.

One intriguing feature that was not previously shown, however, is the ability for the phone to function as your trackpad while in Continuum, meaning that you don’t need a mouse and keyboard to have all the control precision you need. This feature rounds out the PC-like experience, and will undoubtedly be a boon to productivity.
Microsoft Continuum will currently works with the newest Lumia flagships 950 and 950XL, also unveiled during the event. We will have more details on availability and pricing in the days to come.