Learn to type as fast as lightning on Windows Phone 8.1

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Learn to type as fast as lightning on Windows Phone 8.1

Windows Phone’s keyboard has come a very long way since it first appeared. What started off as a fairly limited offering has now developed into something far more impressive and easy to use. For anyone making the moving from iOS or Android to Microsoft’s mobile operating system — and even people upgrading from Windows Phone 8 –there’s a little to learn, and a post on the Windows Phone blog reveals a few handy tips to help newcomers get started.

Some of the ideas put across in the post will not come as news: just about everyone knows that there’s no need to type a period, when hitting space twice will do the job just fine. Swipe-to-type is a feature that will be familiar to most phone users, and Windows Phone’s Word Flow makes typing as fast as possible — it even suggests emoticons as well as words.

Dylan Romero also reveal how to access a range of frequently used punctuation, as well as how to quickly convert text between case. It’s worth taking a look for a quick refresher, but the post is also a great introduction for anyone who is taking their first steps with Windows Phone.

Do you have a favorite keyboard tips that you’d like to share?

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