Learn more about Azure Data Lake, which just reached General Availability, in this 20 minute video

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Email Twitter: @DaveWShanahan Nov 18th, 2016 inNews

In addition to other announcements made yesterday at Connect(); 2016 in New York City, Microsoft’s Channel 9 posted a video overview of the general availability of Azure Data Lake (ADL).

ADL is an important piece of Cortana Intelligence, and Microsoft’s Channel 9 provides an outline of ADL.

According to the video, Microsoft believes that ADL can provide customers with a scalable analytics solution.

“ADL offers a hyper-scale data repository for storing data of any type, and is built to the open HDFS standard. You can store trillions of files, and single files can be over a petabyte large. ADL makes it easy to run massively parallel data transformations and data processing programs using U-SQL, R, Python and .NET over your petabytes of data – and all with just a few lines of code and absolutely no infrastructure to manage.”

Find out more at the Cortana Intelligence and Machine Learning Blog.

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