Learn how to create universal apps and Windows Phone 8.1 apps in upcoming live event

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Learn how to create apps for Windows Phone 8.1, as well as universal apps in upcoming live event

Microsoft is hosting a live event starting April 29th featuring a demo-rich course taught by app development experts. This  two-and-a-half day course focuses on how to create apps for Windows Phone 8.1 in Visual Studio, as well as how to create universal apps for both Windows and Windows Phone. If you are an app developer, this is the perfect opportunity to hone your skills!

“If you’re an app developer who wants to design and build Windows Phone 8.1 apps using XAML and C#, don’t miss this exciting event. The two-and-a-half day, demo-rich course, taught by experts who have years of experience developing (and writing about the process), focuses on how to create apps for Windows Phone 8.1 in Visual Studio and how to create universal app projects that share a high percentage of code and that target both Windows and Windows Phone,” the event description reads.

The event is free and is streamed online starting April 29th. You can get tips and tricks on making your app compatible and how to optimize your code. You can learn new features and how to program many of the new Windows Runtime APIs that are available to both Windows Store apps as well as Windows Silverlight apps. During the event, you will be able to download code samples!

Here is the course outline:

  • Day 1 (April 29th, 9-5 PDT): Introduction to Windows Phone 8.1 and Building Windows Store Apps
  • Day 2 (April 30th, 9-5 PDT): Programming Windows Phone 8.1 Platform Features
  • Day 3 (May 1st, 9-12 PDT): Store, Universal Apps, and Silverlight

Anyone can participate in the live event, but it is recommended that you be an experienced software developer with knowledge of object-oriented design. It is also helpful to be familiar with C# or XAML. According to Microsoft, no prior experience in developing Windows Phone apps is required to partake in the event. Make sure you have the Windows Phone SDK installed!

Hit the via link below to register for the event.

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