Learn everything there is to know about SQL Server 2016 on March 10, 2016

If your organization is going the self-hosted systems route and has any significant data needs, then you're probably waiting with bated breath to see what SQL Server 2016 has in store. The on-premise database platform has been in public preview for some time, and its release is upcoming. Today, Microsoft announced an upcoming online session on March 10th 2016 covering how SQL Server helps companies utilize data to improve their business performance.

Here's what Microsoft had to say:

Companies that transform data into intelligent action are outperforming their competitors and will be the businesses of the future. Hear Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and customers share how data insights are driving business transformation. Microsoft leaders will also share how customers are embracing data to drive innovation and why SQL Server 2016 has become the industry leader.

Those interested can sign up for early access here, and as a reward will also be given more information about SQL Server 2016 itself, including information about its built-in mobile business intelligence functionality, its integrated advanced analytics, security innovations, performance, and hybrid cloud solutions. Add the event to your calendar today, so you won't forget.

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