LeanBox uses Surface Pro 3s to provide healthy food to offices

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When do you need a Surface Pro 3 to power your fridge? When “An iPad couldn’t even come close.” That’s what Shea Coakley, the Co-Founder of LeanBox said when discussing which devices her company would use for their fully featured smart refrigerators. LeanBox is a company based out of Boston that provides healthy and inexpensive food options for 150 workplaces through high tech fridges.
A Surface blog post outlines how LeanBox is combating the old break room blues that result from poor lunches. Using a custom-mounted Surface Pro 3 terminal, customers can order food such as miso-glazed salmon, fresh fruit, or yogurt parfaits. Individuals can use the LeanBox app or their debit or credit cards to order food and then rate the food on a scale of 1-5 using the Surface Pro 3. Through customer ratings and complex order analytics that come through the Surface Pro 3, the Leanbox learns the preferences of the office so their inventory can be restocked accordingly.
When starting their company, the founders of LeanBox looked into multiple options for their computing needs. They decided to use the Surface Pro 3 because of its power and versatility. The front facing camera to read QR codes, USB port to attach peripherals such as card swiping machines and barcode readers, and the power management options of the devices won them over. The company’s employees also uses Surface Pro 3s on the road for business.
LeanBox is a clever idea in the first place, but thanks to their use of Surface Pro 3s, fans of Microsoft’s Surface line now have another arrow in their quiver when it comes to touting the advantages of Microsoft’s flagship tablet.

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