Leaked Windows Blue build confirms smaller and larger tile sizes, better multitasking and personalization

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It appears the recent Windows Blue build that leaked onto the web is indeed real, as screenshots from the build have began leaking online. Along with the screenshots, it has been revealed that Windows Blue will indeed support a smaller tile size, just like in Windows Phone 8. Also, metro apps can be ran side by side evenly now, instead of having one of the apps in a smaller size.


The new personalization and larger tile sizes are a surprise to many, but are very much welcomed changes. We assume this build has many more goodies to be discovered. These changes, are all apart of the build which recently leaked onto the internet. We are yet to confirm these images are real, so look at them with the knowing that they could be fake.

The build that leaked had been compiled at build 9364, which is rather recent. This means this build will have a few features noticeable that Windows 8 doesn't. Keep checking back at WinBeta.org for more as it happens!

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Windows Blue build 9364 has leaked onto the web

Check out Windows Blue build 9364 in this first look video!