Leaked Windows 8.1 screenshots reveal new People and Calendar apps

Windows 8.1 People App

Microsoft announced at it’s annual BUILD developer conference that many of the core apps included in Windows 8.1 will receive an update which will be available in the RTM later this year. Today, screenshots of said update have leaked onto the web, revealing the new changes coming to the People and Calendar apps.

Windows 8.1 Calendar

We’ve already seen what the Mail app will look like, as Microsoft demoed it at one of the BUILD keynotes, however we are yet to see the People and Calendar apps. Both looks 10 times better than what they look like currently, which hopefully means they’re faster and easier to use.

Also included in the article is information about the Messaging app, which was removed in the Windows 8.1 Preview. It seems the Messaging app will be replaced with Skype in the RTM version of Windows 8.1.

Update: It appears Microsoft have released official screenshots of these new apps, check them out here!<

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