Leaked Windows 8 Screenshots Show Improved Taskbar

Email Twitter: @ronwinbeta Mar 5th, 2011 inNews

You can thank whomever leaked these screenshots for ignoring Microsoft’s admonition, “Let’s not leak our hard work,” because for the first time, here’s the left side of the Windows 8 taskbar. The useful progress indicator of Windows 7 will reportedly show additional functions beyond the usual file transfer progress it shows now. In Windows 8, there will be progress indicators for hardware installation – here you can see it indicating progress while installing a mouse.

According to Win7China, Windows 8 will be a speedy install, taking a mere eight minutes, which the site says is 2.5 times faster than Windows 7. Keep in mind, though, according to Windows 8 News, Microsoft is using a fast PC with an eight-core CPU to get those numbers.

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