Leaked Windows 8 build 8165 image show improved start page

A new screenshot of Windows 8 has leaked onto the internet, demonstrating some of the improvements to the start screen. The build shown is reportedly build 8165, which was compiled in the beginning of December.

Microsoft have been keeping Windows 8 news under wraps for quite some time now, with the occasional Building Windows 8 blogpost, it’s not enough to satisfy many of those who want to know more about the operating system. WinUnleaked.tk has leaked yet another image, this time showing off the new improvements to the start screen within Windows 8.

The start screen includes many new changes, such as smoother mouse gestures for the Start Screen, as well as a new option to turn live previews on or off.

Another thing to mention is that Control Panel has been renamed to PC Settings, this has been apparent in many recent builds, and contains new settings to fiddle with.

Microsoft is hard at work on Windows 8, with a developer preview already available, the company are planning to get a beta released as soon as January next year.

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