Windows 10: Another leaked internal UI concept shows off new taskbar, hints at Cortana integration and more

Leaked Windows 10 screenshot hints at possible Cortana integration and more

Yesterday, we reported on a leaked Windows 10 internal concept showing dark and light theme options similar to the theme choices on Windows Phone. Today, cnBeta released another Windows 10 user interface concept (used internally by Microsoft) showing possible new features on the Windows 10 taskbar, as well as a better look at Spartan, the new browser that comes with Windows 10.

The new leaked Windows 10 concept shows a search box with possible Cortana integration and the disappearance of the magnifying glass icon. While these Windows 10 taskbar features are not confirmed as being in the RTM Windows 10, it is good to see Microsoft is experimenting with different taskbar designs and features.

Leaked Windows 10 screenshot hints at possible Cortana integration and more

I think Cortana integration with Windows 10 is a must as I use Cortana daily on my Lumia Icon for reminders and to track flight information when I travel. It would be helpful to also get reminders on my laptop, so I do not have to constantly check my Windows Phone. I also noticed that the leaked Windows 10 concept shows different icons for different Windows services like music. Keep in mind that the design will probably change by the time Windows 10 is officially released, as it is just a concept at this point.

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