Leaked video shows that AI is coming to PowerPoint and Microsoft 365

Priya Walia

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Microsoft is hosting a significant AI event today, however, one of the announcements has seemingly been revealed prematurely. Twitter user h0x0d has disclosed information proposing an AI-backed PowerPoint Copilot functionality, purported to allow for the creation of presentations via AI abilities comparable to ChatGPT.

The recently leaked video clip of 15 seconds presented a feature of a new Artificial Intelligence technology called “Copilot,” which allows users to use natural speech to ask Microsoft PowerPoint to create comprehensive slideshows on a certain theme and also be able to use existing documents as sources for additional information and ideas.

The Copilot feature is available in the online version of PowerPoint, enabling users to request the assistant to create a presentation using a Word document as the base. Upon request, PowerPoint will promptly create a comprehensive presentation comprising a slide deck based on the content of the Word document.

Furthermore, the Copilot assistant can be asked to apply animations and modern style to presentations, implying that you can control PowerPoint features with the chatbot. This allows PowerPoint users to customize slides without needing expertise in utilizing the in-depth features provided by Microsoft in its productivity applications.

Also, it appears that Microsoft 365 Copilot, a productivity aid, may soon make its debut. The tool would enable users to make requests to the Copilot, such as composing product announcements, and emails, formulating discussion topics for upcoming meetings, preparing slide presentations, and authoring press releases.

Microsoft has reportedly invested $10 billion in a strategic partnership with OpenAI, a company that has disrupted the generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) space. ChatGPT, based on GPT-3.5, has been established as the fastest-growing application in terms of registered users in history. This collaboration between Microsoft and OpenAI will enable the tech giant to offer OpenAI cloud services and increase its presence as a leader in the AI space.

At today’s event, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella will provide an overview of their efforts to use Artificial Intelligence to increase productivity for individuals and businesses at the Future of Work AI event. Expectations are high that Microsoft may announce new AI ventures. We will provide all the latest updates from the event as soon as it becomes available.

Via Windows Central