Leaked images of supposedly cancelled Microsoft Band 3 surface

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Last week, Microsoft officially announced that it had sold all its existing Band 2 inventory and that it had “no plans to release another Band device this year.” The news may have been pretty disappointing for Microsoft Band enthusiasts, so it was not totally surprising that both the wearable and Microsoft Health platform never got much traction with consumers and developers as well.

However, the company may well have worked on a Band 2 successor even though that device will never feel the skin on your wrist. Earlier today, Windows Central reported that a user on their forums called FUD Hater posted some pictures of what could be a Microsoft Band 3 prototype.

According to this user, the prototype features a new waterproof design, a RFID chip, an electrocardiogram for tracking blood pressure. Overall, this possible prototype looks quite similar to the current Band 2.

The design is quite similar to the Microsoft Band 2
The design is quite similar to the Microsoft Band 2 (credit: Windows Central).
New tiles (credit: Windows Central).
New tiles (credit: Windows Central).

As you can see in the second picture, the wearable device features two unusual tiles, a swim tile, to possibly track swimming sessions and another tile for the wearable’s electrocardiogram. However, it’s not clear which software this prototype could be running. As a reminder, Microsoft was reportedly trying to get Windows 10 running on its wearable device before last week’s announcement.

If this prototype is the real thing, it wouldn’t be the first time that Microsoft has canceled a device that was in its pipeline: the company canceled several fifth generation Lumias last year, and it also canceled the Nokia McLaren a year before. Additionally, Surface fans may remember that the unfortunate of the Surface Mini tablet which was also cancelled back in 2014.

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