Leaked image of Windows Phone 8.1’s Notification Center surfaces online, resembles Android’s version

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As we approach Windows Phone 8.1’s rumored April release, the leak frequency of its specs and features has increased. The latest leaked photo from Winphollowers, which as it claims, seems to be taken out of a leaked Microsoft presentation, outlines many new things about the notification hub, mostly the “Action Center”. 


The image sheds light on the Action Center’s ability to turn on/off  WiFi, Bluetooth, Airplane and Driving mode. From its appearance, the notification hub looks to be an astonishing rip-off of Android’s notifications bar. The resemblance becomes even more striking when you look at how the action center is dealing with app notifications. Much like Android, here too you get the option to clear all the notifications and have a shortcut to go to settings. 

There is a couple of more new additions. As you can see on the top, there is a percentage figure right below the battery bar, a very handy feature that the majority of users will appreciate. Furthermore, the leaked image says “apps can intelligently manage notifications”, noting “silently add updates and delay notifications”, a feature which will put a stop to minute annoyances. 

We have already seen a leaked photo of the Notifications settings page, which allowed for an option to select what things we would want to control from the notification hub. Interestingly, Winphollowers notes that this image was a part of a leaked Microsoft email. They apparently have more information. We’ll keep an eye on this foreign website.

Meanwhile, do you like this Action Center? Were you expecting something else? Discuss it in the comments. 

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