LeadStory app is a minimalist newsreader for Windows Phone

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People love news, and the Internet is full of good (and bad) news sources. Browsing every potential site to get your news fix is impossible, and newsreader apps are popular on every platform–Windows Phone included. LeadStory is one such app, and it offers a clean, minimalist interface into curated and custom sections driven by Google News.
According to the developer:

LeadStory is a powerful, yet minimal newsreader for Windows Phone. Powered by Google News, a fast and powerful news platform, LeadStory delivers exciting, relevant content from your favorite local, national, and international publishers to your mobile phone. The front page of LeadStory contains, by default, 8 sections – such as Sports, Local, and World news – which can be accessed quickly by swiping or using the section switcher. Each section, designed to load in under two seconds on 4G, provides exciting content relevant to your interests.

This is a fair description of the app, which provides easy-to-access news sections that cover a variety of topics. By default, news is organized geographically (including local news, selected by inputting the user’s favorite city during initial setup) and genre such as tech, business, entertainment, and science. The default sections provide a solid assortment of news sources that are automatically updated in the background.

LeadStory Section LIst
LeadStory provides a solid selection of default news sections.

News articles themselves are presented in a clean, straightforward style that makes for easy consumption.
LeadStory articles are clean and easy-to-read.
LeadStory articles are clean and easy-to-read.

New sections can be added by conducting a search and then adding the search result as a new section.
LeadStory makes it easy to add custom sections.
LeadStory makes it easy to add custom sections.

LeadStory is a solid newsreader that provides easy access to customized content. It’s currently a Windows Phone 8.1 app, but the developer is preparing a Windows 10 version. The free app is fully functional with ads, and an ad-free version can be purchased for $.99. If you’re a news hound, go check it out.
Price: Free

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