Lawyer sues Microsoft over Surface tablet storage space, claims false advertising

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A lawyer in California is suing Microsoft over his 32GB Surface, which he realized only had 16GB of free space. Andrew Sokolowski, the lawyer, is suing Microsoft for false advertising and unfair business practices, claiming that Microsoft should have told consumers that the 32GB Surface doesn't actually have 32GB of free space.

Lawyer sues microsoft over surface tablet storage space, claims false advertising - onmsft. Com - november 15, 2012

"Customers understand the operating system and pre-installed applications reside on the device's internal storage thereby reducing the total free space," Microsoft explained. Consumers can increase the storage space by using a microSD card or using the USB port. Apparently, Sokolowiski did not realize that a major portion of the 32GB would be used by the operating system and Office apps. Sokolowiski wants Microsoft to change how they advertise the Surface and force the company to give back money that resulted from this "wrongful conduct." On November 5th, we learned about a page on Microsoft's website that indicated how much space was actually available on the Surface. The Surface device was launched on October 26th so who knows if Microsoft put up this page right after the lawsuit or if this page was infact up since day one. According to Sokolowiski's lawyers, this explanation page is burried. "They make you search and dig for it specifically, or you would never find it." Microsoft still firmly believes that this lawsuit is without merit. Lets see what happens.

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