Latest Windows 10 Insider build 10547 comes with a list of fixes

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Gabe Aul of the WDG Engineering Systems team just pulled the trigger on a release of Windows 10 Insider preview build 10547. He teased earlier that he had his finger on the button, and it appears, today was the day to push it.

We’ll be reporting on the nuances of this release, well into the weekend but according to the Windows team, here are the upfront fixes Insider should expect to see:
Here are some things we have fixed:

  • We have fixed a lot of the underlying causes of the critical error dialog Insiders were seeing with Start. And search should work more consistently now when interacting with Start.
  • The notification icon for Action Center should no longer light up even though there weren’t any new notifications.
  • We fixed an issue where the Battery fly-out text was truncated in certain languages.
  • When choosing background shuffle, we’ve enabled the ability to shuffle backgrounds randomly instead of the order they appear in the folder.
  • You can now use Cortana with local accounts as well as with a Microsoft account.
  • We have fixed several issues with audio – including issues specific affecting Realtek audio devices.

The Windows team appears to be hitting its stride as it pertains to fixes, features and minimizing it’s ‘what’s broken list’. Arguably, there are other show stopping features some Windows users would like the development team to address sooner, but for now it seems work on Windows 10 is shaping up nicely.
Happy downloading, Insiders!

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