Latest Windows 10 and Windows 11 bug involves issues with XPS documents

Kevin Okemwa

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Dell EXPS switch

If you are a Windows 11 or Windows 10 user that made the June 28 and June 26 updates respectively, then you might have encountered an issue while trying to open XML Paper Specification (XPS) documents in some non-English languages using XPS Viewer.

According to Microsoft:

After installing KB5014666 or later updates, XPS Viewer might be unable to open XML Paper Specification (XPS) documents in some non-English languages, including some Japanese and Chinese character encodings. This issue affects both XML Paper Specification (XPS) and Open XML Paper Specification (OXPS) files. When encountering this issue, you may receive an error, “This page cannot be displayed” within XPS Viewer or it might stop responding and have high CPU usage with continually increasing memory usage. When the error is encountered, if XPS Viewer is not closed it might reach up to 2.5GB of memory usage before closing unexpectedly.

Microsoft has further indicated that they are currently investigating the matter, however, they have not provided a workaround for the issue. They have indicated that they are looking for a way to resolve it and will probably fix the issue in a subsequent release.

Though Windows 10 users will not be adversely affected by this issue as “XPS Viewer is no longer installed by default as of Windows 10, version 1803”. Although you can still install it manually. In other related news, last month, Windows 10 KB5015807 update was causing issues with printing, the same also applies to the KB5014666 released on June 28.