Latest Visual Studio Toolbox video highlights the UWP Community Toolkit

Arif Bacchus

Robert Green, a Technical Evangelist in the Developer Experience and Evangelism group at Microsoft, has taken to a video on an official Microsoft blog to highlight the UWP Community Toolkit.

Overall, in the video, Robert Green is joined by  David Catuhe, the project lead for the UWP Community Toolkit.  To begin the video, Robert questions David about the Toolkit and it is explained how the kit can be used for common developer tasks when building apps for Windows 10.  David also explains how the Community Toolkit was designed with beginners in mind, and for those who don’t have as much time to develop an app.

Additionally, he demonstrates how the toolkit can be used to create a hamburger control menu, how to handle notifications, and how to handle animations and services. The key theme throughout the entire video, however, is the fact that Community Toolkit is designed with ease of use in mind, and helps people achieve more by removing code.

The video then ends with David explaining that along with the community, Microsoft is committed to the future of the UWP Community Toolkit. He mentions that a new version could ship every month,  hints that more accessibility control features might be coming soon, and points out a few more improvements coming to the Toolkit in the future.