Latest update to WhatsApp Beta for Windows Phone lets users change group admin

Whatsapp on Windows Phone

WhatsApp, the perennially popular cross-platform messaging app has long had a devoted core following on Windows Phone, not least for their frequent updates and support for the OS, a rarity among large app developers. Continuing in this fine tradition, they have now released another update for the WhatsApp Beta, fixing a long-time bugbear for a number of users, changing the group admin in a conversation.

Whereas previously creating a new group admin meant the creation of a new group, now users can simply swap roles with a long press of the contact’s profile, then selecting ‘make Group Admin’. In addition to this minor usability update, users will now be able to see whenever anyone else in a group is typing, meaning a little less pain and awkwardness between messages (at least for those of a nervous disposition).

Though the Beta is only open to a limited number of selected users, we can expect these updates to eventually trickle down to the rest of us, improving what is already one of the best and most reliable instant mobile messaging experiences on WhatsApp for Windows Phone.

Thanks for the tip, Salman!

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