Latest update to UC Browser for Windows Phone adds picture passwords among other new features

Sean Cameron

UC Browser

Although Internet Explorer is baked into the Windows Phone at a deep level, a number of popular alternative browsers have grown around it, adding extra features and functionality that the core offering simply does not offer. Of these, UC Browser is among the most prominent, bringing a clean design, easy to navigate interface and dependability that few rivals can match.

With the latest update, this offering just became a little more compelling. Already bristling with features, UC Browser will now allow users to set Picture Passwords. Similar to the Knock-On feature shown in the LG G3, users set a picture, and then a series of points to press in order to unlock. Custom pictures can be set, allowing for an extra level of personalization.

UC Browser

In addition to this, two other new features will be added. The first is the long-awaited integration with Cortana for Windows Phone 8.1 users, allowing the browser to be launched and navigated solely using voice commands. The second is the newly developed UC Downloaded for Windows Phone 8.1, though a separate app this allows for background downloads of files under any network conditions, traditionally a point of some difficulty for Windows Phone users.

In all, this is a robust feature set, it is good to see an already feature-rich program become even more enticing for general users and sets an example for the rest of the ecosystem, at least with regards to updates.

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