Latest update to Microsoft Band provides GPS Power Saver and weight tracking

We recently reported on a new update from Microsoft for the both its fitness tracker - Band 2 - and the accompanying Health app on multiple platforms, with the iOS version being the last holdout at the time. Now, the update has been made official via an announcement on the Microsoft Devices blog.

As a quick recap, the new update is pretty big, and brings a whole host of new features to Microsoft Band 2 and the Health app, the complete list of which is as follows.

  • Track your weight using the Health app and Band 2
  • Share workout activities with friends
  • Create custom Guided Workouts and share them with fans as well
  • Enable a new GPS Power Save function to extend the battery by up to four hours during GPS activities
  • Tile Gallery Updates
The new GPS Power Saver mode should be especially welcomed by runners and bikers alike, as the Band 2's advertised 2-day battery life was reported to drastically shorten with continuous GPS usage. GPS battery can be extended for up to 4 hours of activities with the mode on - more than enough for any workout session -  due to sampling being done in intervals instead of continously.
Microsoft Health App Weight Tracking
Track your weight with Microsoft Band
Weight tracking is another much-requested feature that's coming to the Microsoft Health app. Of course, this doesn't mean that the phone or the Band will weigh your body (not that advanced yet); rather, you measure your weight and enter it into the app, and it will present a nice month or 3-month chart for you to marvel at your progress. Oh, and it also calculates approximately your current BMI as well.
The Microsoft Band 2 is already a beastly fitness device with its bevy of sensors, and updates like these should make it even more useful, and desirable, to athletic tech lovers (the fact that it frequently goes on sale also helps). Don't forget to also head to our review for an in-depth look at Microsoft's second attempt in the wearable market.


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