Latest Slack update allows the app to open in Windows 10 Mobile -
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Latest Slack update allows the app to open in Windows 10 Mobile

While Microsoft’s Skype team toils away in a secret bunker drafting a competing enterprise communications app and service, the developers of the Slack app for Windows 10 Mobile are iteratively working on a pre-existing app for users.

The Slack app, which is currently in beta, has been on Windows 10 Mobile devices for some time now and has arguably developed an admirable following as its service is becoming ubiquitous across platforms and devices.

Thankfully the development of the Slack Beta app has been routine and feature flush, however, a recent update to the app had some users in a bind as it involved a bug that prevented the app from even opening on Windows 10 Mobile devices.

Fortunately, there is a fix, and the Slack Beta team is currently issuing version 2016.913.0.0 to users that should address and correct the crash bug users are currently experiencing.

The official changelog includes:

Fixed: some users who weren't able to launch the app on Windows Mobile 10 devices now are. Sorry about that.”

Aside from that note, there does not appear to be any other noteworthy news regarding the update.

The Slack beta team is encouraging users to provide as much feedback on the app and update process as necessary and appears to be in great communication with the Windows 10 Mobile community, ironically, unlike the Skype team which has yet to speak about its proposed Messaging Everywhere implementation or its rumored Slack competitor.

Regardless, Slack Beta users suffering from the crash bug should visit the Windows Store to grab the update.

Slack (Beta)
Slack (Beta)
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