Latest Sea of Thieves update, Ashen Winds, is out

Dave W. Shanahan

Updated on:

The latest content update for Sea of Thieves, Ashen Winds, is out now for Windows 10 PC and Xbox One on Xbox Game Pass and Steam. Ashen Winds was slated to be released in August 2020, but the update was released today (via Neowin).

Check out the latest video showing Sea of Thieves Ashen Winds below.

The Ashen Winds content update introduces four new Ashen Lords; Old Horatio, Warden Chi, Captain Grimm, and Red Ruth. Each Ashen Lord comes with their own unique set of attacks and devastating new abilities.

Ashen Lords can appear randomly during other Sea of Thieves voyages, or you can fight them specifically by searching for the fire tornados that mark their arrival. The Ashen Lords’ attacks include raining flaming rocks, summoning an ash cloud, and breathing fire. If you defeat an Ashen Lord, you will receive an Ashen Winds Skull, which allow players to use as flamethrower to set fire to ships and other Sea of Thieves players.

The full Ashen Winds content update changelog is available here, and includes other performance updates and bug fixes, including damage dealt through solid surfaces on ships, decreased the time between skeleton waves during fort raids, and more. As an added bonus, there is a free emote available in the Pirate Emporium, commemorating Rare’s 35th anniversary. Recently, Rare celebrated that Sea of Thieves is played by more than 15 million players globally.