Latest Photoshop update adds Surface Dial support for all users, more

Arif Bacchus

Windows 10 Creators Update, Surface Studio, Windows 10

Adobe today announced the release of Photoshop 19.1. This release comes complete with Surface Dial support for all users, support for Microsoft High Density Monitors, and more.

First and foremost, Surface Dial support has exited the Technology Preview state and is now enabled for all users in this release. Users can now change brush settings while painting and using the Surface Dial. This comes as a major change since brush settings could only previously be changed between brush strokes.

Users can also assign the Surface Dial to adjust opacity as they paint. Other uses for Surface dial include assigning dynamic control in the Brush Settings Panel, controlling roundness, angle, scatter, texture depth, foreground and background color, opacity, flow, wetness, and mix.

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Adobe also added support for Windows High Density Monitors in the 19.1 release of Photoshop. Users will now notice that the Photoshop user interface will look crisp, beautiful if using a high density display. Photoshop will also automatically adjust itself based on your Windows settings.

Adobe worked with Microsoft to enable this and even is providing per-monitor scaling across monitors with different scale factors. “This allows Windows users to choose either the highest-end 13-inch laptops with 4k screens, the more affordable 1080p models, or tap into the new 8k desktop monitors, each with an uncompromised experience within Photoshop,” explained Adobe.

Other changes in this release include a new Select Subject tool, which will help you get started with your selections in a faster and more precise method. There’s also some Select and Mask Improvements, to control the amount of decontamination applied to an image.

You can download and get started with Adobe Photoshop by clicking here. Users who already have PhotoShop can check for updates via the Creative Cloud app. As always, feel free to let us know your thoughts on these changes in the comments below.