Latest Office Insiders update on iOS introduces three new features

Abhinav Fating

Microsoft has introduced some new features in PowerPoint, Office Mobile, and Excel for iOS (Office Insiders) to improve the office experience. New Office Version 2.64 for iOS is now rolling out. Microsoft recently introduced new text and array manipulation function for Office Insiders on Android and now Microsoft focuses on iOS. New Office Version 2.64 has introduced three new features to Excel, PowerPoint, and Office Mobile.


The latest Office Insiders update adds the new text and array manipulation to Excel which helps to supercharge your excel spreadsheets. There are a bunch of new array functions added by Microsoft including EXPAND, VSTACK, HSTACK, CHOOSEROWS, TOROW, TOCOL, WRAPROWS, and CHOSECOLS.


In PowerPoint slides, you can now highlight any shape, text box, or table and you can also remove highlighting that others have done. For both iOS and iPad devices, the highlighting any text feature is available now. To access the highlight feature on your iPhone, Just select the text you want to highlight and press the highlight button in the contextual bar just above the keyboard.

Office Mobile

The Office Mobile app also comes with new cool features for iOS (Office Insiders). The Office Mobile app is now supporting Apple Scribble which allows you to convert your handwriting to the text in the Office app. This new feature allows you to edit and insert text in your slide and worksheets on your iPad with the help of your Apple Pencil.

So these are the three new features introduced by Microsoft for Office Insiders on iOS. Microsoft usually releases new office updates monthly for adding features and changes. We can’t tell when Microsoft will roll out these updates but they will soon arrive for Office stable users since the Office Insiders are testing them.

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