[Updated] Latest Microsoft Edge beta on Android and iOS introduces new ad blocking feature

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Noted by Edge Program Manager Vishu Nath on Twitter, Microsoft Edge Beta on Android apparently has a new setting option for blocking ads. We’re not seeing this option in our version of the app ( beta) just yet, but reports say the toggle can be found by going to the Settings and Block Content menu.

This integration is supposedly powered by AdBlock Plus, so you might expect the same experience as the extension on Windows 10 PC. And, since Edge on Android doesn’t support extensions, this is definitely nifty for blocking out ads on social media and YouTube.

Nath says that the ad blocking was a “most requested” feature, so it is excellent to see that Microsoft is working on the feedback from Edge users. You can update your version of Edge on Android to try out this feature by heading to the bottom of the Google Play Store listing and opting into the beta. Let us know in the comments below if you’re seeing the ad block feature or not.

Update: Microsoft Edge Beta on iOS is also picking up the ability to block content with Adblock Plus.

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