Latest Lync for Windows Phone update gives you more settings for voice calls

Dave W. Shanahan

Microsoft, Lync updateThe latest update for Lync for Windows Phone brings a host of new settings for voice calls. Previously, there was only two WiFi options for voice calls on Lync, Microsoft renamed the two WiFi options and added a third cellular option in the new update. You can select the three new options in Voice Settings; they are now called VoIP always, VoIP over WiFi only, and cellular. The three new options are clearly indicated in the updated user interface, so you can choose which one is right for you.   

There are the three options of the new Lync update. For VoIP always, your device will use a WiFi connection to place a call. If no WiFi option is available, your device will switch to a 3G/4G data plan and Lync calls will be established over that connection. The cellular option is best if you are looking to switch voice calls to video or share other content. VoIP over WiFi only connects your call using only a WiFi connection. If no WiFi connection is available, Lync will connect you using Call via Work; the Lync mobile service will place a call to your phone, then to the destination number. This option is best to avoid overages on your mobile device data plan. With the last option, cellular, the Lync mobile service will place a call to your phone number using Call via Work and then complete the call to the destination number. This option is best if you are looking for a dependable connection and be able to share video and other related content. 

Whichever option you choose, it is great to see Microsoft update Lync with these new features. Lync is making great strides in connecting people regardless of the connection type. As Microsoft rolls out more updates to Lync, it will be great to see how Lync evolves into a complete video conferencing system, instant messaging, and more for business. Lync is continuing to make it easier for businesses to communicate with one another and within their own infrastructure. Lync should evolve even more in the months to come.