Latest Lumia firmware enables static IP addresses – Lumia 525/625/925

Email Twitter: @fahdriyami Sep 19th, 2014 inNews

The latest Lumia firmware update allows users to set static IP addresses

Windows Phone owners that wished to set static IP addresses on their phones can now rejoice, well, at least those with a Lumia 525, 625, or 925. A new firmware update has been rolling out for those models that ever so slightly bumps the version number up to 1425.0003 from 1425.0002, and brings along static IP support and generic “bug fixes”.

Simply put, static IP addresses are uniquely assigned to devices connected to a network. However, due to the growth of the internet and the number of devices that can connect to it, Internet Service Providers have run out of unique/static IP’s to assign, and so they started leasing addresses out, also known as dynamic IP addresses. Although, static IP’s are still used when connecting devices in local networks, between your router and your phone for example.

Whether it was a popular user request or Microsoft’s attempt to push Windows Phone in the enterprise that resulted in its addition to the platform we’re not quite sure, but what’s important is that it’s here (or back?). The feature is seemingly being pushed to Windows Phone 8.1 devices with the Lumia Cyan firmware installed, but it’s safe to assume that it will be making its way to the rest of the Lumia family eventually.

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