Latest internal dev builds of Windows 8 have more colours than you’ll ever need

Were you one of many who was unhappy with the colour customization limits in the Windows 8 Consumer Preview? Well, worry no more, since the latest internal development builds of Windows 8 include double the amount of colors compared to the Consumer Preview. In fact, there are over 20!

New images leaking from Win8China have today revealed that Microsoft have been working on over 20 new colours for it’s upcoming operating system, Windows 8. The Consumer Preview, that was released on the 29th of February only included 9, the latest development builds include 25!

This allows for the user to customize Windows 8 even more, with colours ranging from common to rather uncommon. Allowing the user to choose from a larger selection of colours enables the user make Windows more personal, since Microsoft have been aiming to make Windows 8 the most personal operating system to-date.

As always, take what you see with a grain of salt, as they may be a hoax.

Microsoft is expected to launch the Release Candidate of Windows 8 pretty soon, rumours suggest that an RC is due in May, since Microsoft plans to finish up Windows 8 in the summer. This is not confirmed.

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