Latest Google Chrome Beta allows for multiple accounts

Google has introduced a new feature in its latest beta version of the popular Chrome browser that allows for multiple account syncing. This feature has been requested by Chrome users for a while now and allows for multiple users to swap accounts on the same computer.

Latest Google Chrome Beta allows for multiple accounts - - November 3, 2011

This new feature is intended on allowing multiple users who share a computer easily swap out accounts. At this time, it lacks any security options and is intended to be used as a tool to quickly swap accounts for those who share a computer.

For those who use multiple Google accounts for personal and business use, this feature will come in handy.

Chrome already syncs a user's bookmarks, extensions, passwords, and other personal settings to a user's Google account. This new feature will allow users to bring up these settings in a browser once a user signs in anywhere.

In order to enable this feature, Chrome users must enable it under Options > Personal Stuff > Add New User. Download the latest version of Google Chrome Beta below.

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