Latest Chrome Canary build adds light or dark theme settings

Microsoft is bringing a manual toggle for the light/dark mode setting to its new Chromium-based Edge Insider browser (via Neowin). The toggle has already made its way to the Canary channel, allowing users to change the theme straight from within the browser settings.

Dark mode in the Edge Insider browser isn't entirely new, as the browser already could adjust the theme mode automatically based on the system settings on either Windows 10 or macOS. However, now users can choose the theme manually, or leave it on automatic if they prefer. This setting is especially useful on older versions of Windows, namely 7 and 8.1, which don't natively support dark mode.

Those who have the Canary version of the browser (currently at can try the new feature now. With any luck, we could see it reach the Dev version soon, which provides a slightly more stable experience than the Canary builds. Do you prefer the light theme of Chromium Edge, or do you prefer being on the dark site? Feel free to leave your thought down in the comments area below.

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