Latest AdDuplex Windows phone stats show increased use of Windows 10 Mobile

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It seems like an eternity since Windows 10 Mobile stats were up for discussion: the operating system is caught between a rock and a hard place, as new exciting hardware releases are few and far between, and Windows 10 Mobile itself has been taking its time with breakthrough updates. Just about time, then, for AdDuplex to release the newest Windows Phone Statistics Report for May 2016, offering some interesting insights into the state of Windows Phone usage around the world.

AdDuplex has been a consistent supporter of Windows Phone and Windows Stores with its cross-promotion network and periodical reports. This time, as usual, the data came from approximately 5000 Windows-running phones with the US, France, Germany, Poland, Ukraine, India and Brazil being featured. On the device side, one of the first notable things is the Microsoft Lumia 640’s continuing rise to power, taking the number 4 spot worldwide, while claiming the top position in the US, Poland, and Ukraine, and second place in everywhere else except India and Brazil.


Interestingly, it didn’t even make the top ten in the Indian market, while its big brother the Lumia 640 XL only manage a sixth spot, reflecting Indian users’ preference for bigger screens. The new x50 generation of Lumias have not resonated as well as their predecessors in the featured markets, save for one phone and one location: the Lumia 950 and Germany. Interestingly, Microsoft’s latest smaller flagship almost makes the top ten, sitting at 11th place, in a market where all the top phones are either low end or of the previous generation. The appearance of the Lumia 930 in the top five, however, should signify German buyers’ affinity with higher-end Windows phones.

adduplex-windows-phone-statistics-report-may-2016-12-638 adduplex-windows-phone-statistics-report-may-2016-15-638

The operating systems side is where all the important transitions are taking place, given that Windows 10 Mobile is coming out to almost all Windows phones available. There have been some nice progress, with Windows 10 Mobile growing by 1.2% to 10.4% of the market; the increase is attributed to upgrades from Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows Phone 7 users giving up on their old phones.

A closer examination at the number of native Windows 10 Mobile devices vs. upgrades shows that the new generation of Lumia phones only takes up a quarter of the total amount. Of those, only 14.41% are from Insider Builds, with the rest being from official builds. While Insiders are understandably a very small proportion of the user base (as well they should be), the huge disparity is another indicator of a healthy Windows 10 Mobile adoption rate.

adduplex-windows-phone-statistics-report-may-2016-8-638 adduplex-windows-phone-statistics-report-may-2016-9-638

All in all, the new report gives some interesting insights into Windows 10 Mobile’s growth comparative to previous versions, as well as the states of Windows devices. Of course, Microsoft is nowhere near the point where it could relax; if anything, the lukewarm reception to the x50 generation means the company will have to work harder than ever with their next wave of releases. Hopefully it does not give up until then.


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