Latest AdDuplex report shows Windows 10 Mobile gaining share

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AdDuplex released today their latest Windows Device Statistics Report for August 2016, and according to the data collected from around 5,000 apps running the AdDuplex SDK, the growth of Windows 10 Mobile is currently accelerating. 14% of Windows Phones are running the mobile operating system as of now, which is 2.1 percentage points higher than last month’s data. Keep reading as we’ll dive into the details below.

Looking at the Windows Phone devices worldwide, there is no change to report this month: the Lumia 535 is still the most popular Windows phone, followed by the Lumia 520 and the Lumia 640. However, the Lumia 520 is losing share this month (10.4% in August compared to 11.3% in July), and AdDuplex explains that the Lumia 640 may replace it at the second place as soon as next month.

AdDuplex August 2016
Fifth generation Lumias are still nowhere to be seen in the top ten.

In the US, Windows Phone usage is less fragmented as the Lumia 640 and Lumia 635 are clear leaders with a 28.5% and a 23.3% share, respectively. The Lumia 950 is the only fifth generation Lumia to appear in the top 10 with a 2.4% share, while AdDuplex notes that “other newest generation Lumias didn’t even make it in the top 20.” According to the company, the partnership between Microsoft and AT&T could well have helped to push the premium Lumia 950 in the top ten Windows Phones in the US.

Adduplex Windows Phone US August 2016.
The US market looks slightly less fragmented.

Moving to the Windows Phone versions worldwide, the growth of Windows 10 Mobile doubled two months in a row to reach a 14% OS share according to AdDuplex. Among Windows 10 Mobile devices, the company notes that the Anniversary Update version of the software that Microsoft released to the public a week ago already claims a 52.4% OS share, which is quite impressive as the update is rolling out it waves and only became available to carrier-locked devices yesterday. Moreover, 6.3% of Windows 10 Mobile phones are running a Redstone 2 Insider build.

The growth of Windows 10 Mobile is accelerating.
The growth of Windows 10 Mobile is accelerating.
Windows 10 Mobile AdDuplex August 2016.
The Windows 10 Mobile Anniversary update is rolling out fast.

Lastly, AdDuplex released a panorama of the Windows 10 desktop versions worldwide and it is quite different than the Windows 10 Mobile situation. The Windows 10 Anniversary Update only claims a 16.2 share, even though Microsoft started the worldwide rollout two weeks before the release of the Windows 10 Mobile version. Only 0.6% Windows 10 PCs are running Redstone 2 Insider builds, but this is not surprising as there are more Windows 10 PCs than phones in the market, and a smaller percentage of desktops actually hosting AdDuplex ads, the source of the statistics.

Windows 10 Anniversary Update AdDuplex AUgust 2016
On the PC side, the Windows 10 Anniversary Update only claims a 16.2 OS share among Windows 10 PCs.

These latest numbers from AdDuplex are definitely interesting, and the fact that the growth of Windows 10 Mobile is currently accelerating is encouraging sign for the health of the Windows 10 ecosystem. The fact that there are currently more Windows 10 Mobile running the Anniversary Update that Windows 10 PCs is also surprising. It could be a sign that Windows 10 Mobile users are more enthusiastic to play with the latest new features, but we should also remember that the PC market is a much bigger and different market than the Windows Phone market.

While the Windows 10 Anniversary Update is still rolling out in waves to PCs worldwide, it’s also possible that PC users may be traditionally more cautious with Windows updates, and they sometimes may be right: we previously reported that the new bits could cause freezing problems on some PCs, and Microsoft even acknowledged last week that the update may have broken many webcams and the problem won’t be fixed until September.

Are you surprised by the latest data from AdDuplex, and did you expect the Windows 10 Anniversary Update to have a bigger OS share on Windows 10 PCs? Let us know what you think by dropping us a comment below.

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